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In the astonishing nature of the Universe, Flowers are beautiful and amazing creation of God with a very short life span, yet destined to reach His lotus feet. Devotees believe that offering of flowers with utmost devotion is the simplest way to seek the blessings of the Almighty. Therefore procuring of flowers before commencement of any pooja is a prerequisite and Pooja is not accomplished without offering flowers. Pushpa seva is being rendered at Sri Sringeri Sharada Peetham since 15 years with the meager amount of fund made available through contributions received from few devotees.

With a view to ensure uninterrupted pushpa seva and also to enable the interested devotees to participate, a proposal for creation of Pushpa Seva Trust was submitted at the lotus feet of Jagadgurus of Sri Sharada Peetham. Their Holinesses most compassionately acceded the proposal and were king enough to name after trust as “SHARADAMBA PUSHPA SEVA TRUST”.

Accordingly, trust was formed on 26th day of August 2019 under the chairmanship of Guruseva Dhurina, Padmashree Dr. V R Gowrishankar, The Administrator and CEO of Sri Sharada Peetham and 11 renowned devotees as trustees. All the transactions of the Trust are carried out only after obtaining approval of Their Holinesses and Chairman.

The objectives of the Sharadamba Pushpa Seva Trust as follows

1) Educational Field: To support and Promote the advancement of educational activities by establishing new or by taking over Educational Institutions. To extend financial support for the maintenance, development, acquiring of equipments of the existing educational establishments.

To bring out, encourage and develop the Inventive and Research faculties of the the students and teachers and to afford opportunity for the research in all branches of Science and Humanities.

To institute and award scholarships and loans to rural and poor students for education pursuits. To provide transport facilities, distribute uniforms, books, Stationeries and other school accessories. To establish, maintain a library and also a boarding house to arrange and distribute nutritious food to school going children and to support midday meals scheme at schools.

2) Medical Field: To grant assistance to needy and economically poor persons for meeting the cost of medical treatment. To run, maintain or assist medical institution, nursing home or clinics for providing medical, Surgical and nursing care or treatment for indoor and outdoor patients, Asylum, old-age homes and orphanages. To conduct medical camps, distribution of medicines and artificial limbs.

3) Relief of the Poor: To give financial or other assistance in kind by way of distribution necessary items essentially required for both ends meet. To conduct, promote and arrange mass marriages belonging to poor families.

4) Adornment of Goddess Sri Sharadamba of Sringeri:

  • To give financial or other assistance in kind by way of distribution necessary items essentially required for both ends meet. To conduct, promote and arrange mass marriages belonging to poor families.
  • To create spiritual environment leading to transcendent experience which ultimately leads to peace of living, promoting the devotional thinking in the minds of the people is the foremost and essential element. Therefore, Trust chooses to render Pushpa Seva to Goddess Sharadamba and wishes to invoke participation of Devotees in large number as a first step on the ladder of Devotion, Trust makes arrangements for supply of flowers required for pooja and archana on daily basis in Sharadamba Temple and other Goddesses in the temple complex.
  • Apart from arranging flowers and garlands for 30 temples on daily basis, Special flowers and Special garlands were arranged by our Trust and temple premises was decorated on all the Special occasions celebrated in Sri Sharada Peetham. In addition, different varieties of fruits we also offered on all special occasions when ever Jagadgurus performs special poojas.
  • Since the formation of the Trust, despite facing many constraints for procurement of flowers and fruits due to imposition of restrictions on transport and movement of general public by Govt. consequent to sudden out break off of pandemic. Our Trust continued the seva activity uninterruptedly by exploring the alternate sources.
  • Even though the Trust was created with broad objectives as listed above, The Trust is now compelled to restrict its activities to render Pushpa Seva as a main function and minimally attending to all other social benefit activities due to non-availability of sufficient funds.
  • The Trust activities will be expanded to cover all the objectives in a phased manner, once Corpus Fund is created and the Trust is able to generate a regular source of income sufficient for the proposed activity.
  • The Trust is committed to continue the present activity of Pushpa Seva on daily basis without any compromise and will participate in all the special occasions being celebrated by Sri Sharada Peetham in the years to come.
  • Solicit the participation of Devotees in the seva activities, join hands with the Trust and be a recipient of divine blessings of Sri Sharada Chandramoulieshwara and Their Holinesses.


  • Sri Dr. V. R. Gowrishankar, Sringeri - Chairman
    (Administrator and CEO of Sri Sharada Peetham, Sringeri)
  • Sri Polisetty Shyam Sunder, Guntur - Vice-Chairman – I
  • Sri B. V. Dwarakanath, Bangalore - Vice-Chairman – II
  • Sri T. Dakshinamurthy, Sringeri - Vice-Chairman – III
  • Sri R. Ranganath, Sringeri - Managing Trustee
  • Sri V. V. Ramana, Sringeri -Secretary
  • Sri Dr. C. Rajendra Kumar, Hyderabad - Trustee
  • Sri Vijayanand, Coimbatore - Trustee
  • Sri D. K. Shivaguru, Bangalore - Trustee
  • Sri G. Ravi Sankar, Mysore - Trustee
  • Sri M. Chandra Mohan, Narasraopeta - Trustee
  • Sri K. L. Srinivasan, Bangalore - Trustee

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Sringeri Sharadamba Pushpa Seva

One Day Pushpa Seva

Enabling the interested Devotees to participate in the Pushpa Seva, Board introduced One day Pushpa Seva Scheme. Devotees may enroll themselves as a member of this One Day Pushpa Seva Scheme (Devotee’s can choose a day of their choice) by contributing of Rs.5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand)for a day. Devotees may participate in One Day Pushpa Seva more than once on the days of their choice by contributing of Rs.5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand) on each occasion.

After performing the Seva, the details of the Devotees participated in the One Day Pushpa Seva will be placed at the lotus feet of Jagadguru. Bhikshavandanam will be offered on the day of seva and prasadam will be sent.

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Sringeri Sharadamba Pushpa Seva

Monthly Pushpa Seva

Devotees may choose to participate in Pushpa Seva on monthly basis by contributing Rs.5,000/- and above. Seva will be performed every month on the day of their choice, Bhikshavandanam will be offered on the day of seva and prasadam will be sent.

In respect of others who wish to contribute any amount below Rs.5,000/- on Monthly Basis Bhikshvandanam will be offered on their name also during the month in which their cumulative monthly contribution reaches Rs.5,000/- or above and they will also receive Bhikshvandanam prasadam.

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Sringeri Sharadamba Pushpa Seva

Pushpa Seva On Special Occasions

An unique opportunity to participate in the Special event celebrated by Sri Sharada Peetham, as chosen by the devotee, by offering both Flowers and Fruits. The contribution received will be utilized for procurement of special garlands, different varieties of fruits and special flowers required for special pooja, alankara of Deities and also for decorating temple premises where Jagadgurus perform special pooja. Devotees, if they wish so, may choose to participate in all the events of a month by contributing lump-sum amount. Prasadam will be sent at the earliest after completion of the event. In respect of devotees choose to participate in all the events of the month, prasadam will be sent to them at the end of the calendar month. In respect of Devotees who contribute `5,000/- or more, Bhikashavanadanam will be offered to Their Holinesses, on their names and Bhikashavanadanam prasadam will be sent.

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Sringeri Sharadamba Pushpa Seva

Saswatha One Day Pushpa Seva

With a view to enable the interested Devotees who can afford to donate one time lumpsum amount and willing to participate in the One Day Pushpa Seva annually, the Board of Trustees introduced Saswatha One Day Pushpa Seva with the following criteria.

  • Devotees interested to participate in Saswatha One Day Pushpa Seva to be performed once in a year, have to donate a lumpsum amount of ` 1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakh Only).
  • One Day Pushpa Seva will be performed on the name of Devotees every year on the date chosen by them for a period of 5 years from the month following the month of receiving the lumpsum amount.
  • After expiry of 5 years period, considering the prevailing bank interest rate on term deposits, devotees are required to further donate the difference amount once in every 5 years to commensurate with the required amount of donation for One Day Pushpa Seva as on date.
  • Bhikshavandanam will be offered to Jagadguru on their name on the date of Seva and prasadam will be sent.
  • The Trust is mainly concerned about participation of Devotees in Pushpa Seva activity in large numbers but not the volume of the donation. Keeping this in view various Sevas as detailed above were introduced suitable to all sections of Devotees. For more details about Sevas please log in to www.pushpaseva.com.

    Devotees may participate in the Pushpa Seva by contributing liberally according to their mite. Such contribution will be treated as “General Donation”.

    Contributions / Donations are exempted u/s 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961.

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